Faraday, a rock band formed in 2014, continues to evolve their signature sound with every new release. 
 From acoustic ballads to heavy riffs, accompanied by angelic harmonies and devilish screams, Faraday will always find new ways to change up their sound.

Members: Danial Zahirulhaq - Vocals

Zaim Aman - Bass & Vocals

Daniel Risda - Guitars & Vocals

Bob Kobain - Guitars

Irwan - Drums

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Faraday was formed in 2014, where they met through an interest group in polytechnic. To date, Faraday has released multiple singles, EPs and their debut full-length album "How To Be Human" was released in 2022. Their new single "WHEEL OF TIME" was released in April 2023, featuring vocalists from the bands Tell Lie Vision and Tides. Faraday has all been about pushing their boundaries in the music realm, and finding new ways to change up their sound.

Past Releases:


Walking Phoenix

Dear Brother

Zero Hour


Sixes and Sevens 

Ballad For The Dead

Music Videos